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Press Releases

Springo Launches Specialized Homepage for Parents
Web navigation service sorts the best of the Web for busy parents

Springo, an Internet navigation and discovery service, today announced the launch of its Parents Homepage at, dedicated to helping parents find the most relevant and popular websites specifically attuned to their interests. With its suite of innovative tools and visual navigation, Springo enhances the traditional search experience by directing users to specialized websites, organized by topic and popularity.

“We developed our Parents Homepage and navigation solutions to recognize the needs of an important population of Internet users,” said Aviv Refuah, CEO of Springo's parent company SPRING VENTURES. “Springo's Parents Homepage is a visually appealing, easy-to-navigate hub for parents tired of sorting through the millions of sites on the Web and eager to quickly locate the most relevant and useful ones."

The Parents Homepage clearly presents the top websites, ranked according to overall popularity and organized according to key categories, such as parenting guides, online photo albums, family activities, health and baby gear, among others.

In addition to the Parents Homepage, Springo offers users a robust navigation solution to browse the world’s top websites through a graphic interface. With Springo, parents can explore any category on the Web, including those topics most valuable to them.

"As a busy mother, I find Springo's Parents Homepage to be extremely helpful when looking for top sites that I need to plan a family vacation or find coupons before grocery shopping," said Nelly Shwartz, Springo's CFO and Executive Vice President. "Springo's friendly visual interface makes finding what I need quick, efficient, and fun."

In addition to the Parents Homepage, users also have the option to download Springo Express, an unobtrusive browser add-on that is designed to be used in concert with traditional search engines. When searching a topic within a search engine, Springo Express automatically recommends top, relevant websites in a sleek sidebar, presented alongside the search results.

Since Aviv Refuah founded SPRING VENTURES in 1999 as a teenager, his forward-thinking vision, technological skill, and entrepreneurial savvy have continued to propel the company's product development, increasing business capabilities and successful penetration of various international markets.

About Springo

Springo is an Internet navigation and discovery service that allows users to easily reach the most relevant websites for their desired needs. Springo provides users with three innovative tools designed to accommodate their individual style of navigating the Internet. For more information, visit, the Springo blog at, and follow Springo on Twitter @Springocom.

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